Yakityak Talks Back

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How secure is the iPod with regard to slipping out of the case?
    Well it's actually pretty secure, since my then 18-month old son checked for me by shaking my iPod upside down in the open case. I drafted this pattern so that the bottom lip is generous and the elastic specifically rides across the top of the iPod, holding it firmly in place.
  2. Can you really operate the wheel with the bottom strip in the way like that? Is the screen obscured by the top band? Can I plug in my headphones with the iPod in the case with the lid closed?
    "Yes" to the first. "Not really" to the second. "Yes" to the third. It's fabric. It moves out of the way when you need to. The very top of the screen is obscured by a tiny strip of fabric across the top. Functionally speaking, this means that the words "Now Playing" are obscured, as is the little play/pause symbol and the battery life indicator. It does not affect watching movies. I don't find it terribly annoying, but YMMV. I decided I wanted a case that really and truly did not slip off the iPod unless I really and truly wanted it to, and I wanted it made out of cotton (non-sticky) fabric. That was the bargain I struck to get what I wanted.
  3. Can I plug in my charger/car-adapter with the iPod still in the case?
    Why yes you can! The answer to this question used to be no. I have added an additional instruction set that shows how to make a sync cable slot using the very same pattern as the original version. I kept the old no-slot instruction set up just in case people didn't want to fuss with it.
  4. Why low-profile velcro? Doesn't it su... I mean, isn't it lousy?
    Actually, I have found low-profile velcro to work quite well in this particular application. It isn't as "grabby" as the regular hook-and-loop which is nice if this is bouncing around inside your bag. And yet, I have found that the front stays closed despite some fairly adverse conditions (generated by my 18-month old son). And the low profile does serve to reduce bulk in this instance. Most other sorts of closures were ruled out... snaps require pressure to apply (not good for an iPod) and magnetic snaps are ill-advised next to hard-drives (ask me how I know, says she who experienced Death by Pink Pony).
  5. Any news on Samara?
    Well, she did well after her first round of surgery and chemo, but on recheck they found that the tumor was growing again in the same site. So she went back for radiation and chemo. The doctors did not discover any metastatic disease. She was maintained on oral chemotherapy for awhile but this has now ended. She is back in school and doing well. (In 4th grade now.)
  6. How can I drop you a line?
    Why, by writing me at yakityak at yakityak.com, of course!