Yakityak Talks Back

Welcome to Yak's cul de sac. In Real Life, I'm an artist/illustrator/calligrapher (I have an official website for that). I'm a mother to 3. I'm a science refugee. I'm also a bit silly. This blind alley of the web is a manifestation of my goofiness. I've had the Yakityak handle on many other websites over the years... owning the domain name was just the logical next step. I was inspired to actively develop this site when my design of an iPod case pattern for my own use coincided with some frightening news for an old friend of mine.

Samara is the daughter of my childhood friend. At the time of this website's inception she was 4 1/2 years old. A few months prior she was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer that occurs most commonly in children. Since then she has endured surgery and chemotherapy, went into remission and out again. She endured a second round of surgery and chemo as well as radiation and I am happy to report that as of this writing she is doing well. However, the long-term outcome remains undetermined, of course. I pray for her health every night. If you pray, please consider including Samara.